Another workout done. Another step towards my fitness goal. This one was a little challenging for me. It took me a little to get into the groove…but I did it. I almost seriously pulled my groin during the cool down. I lost my balance doing the runner’s stretch. OW…but I was able to recover before I popped it. I think I nice hot soak and a cold compress is in my future. Tomorrow will be upper body sculpting.
I cannot stress how important exercise is with your diet. It helps control the appetite and give you an overall sense of well being. I have been in the best mood for the past two weeks. Once I start moving and focusing on my body and my form all my worries just seem to disappear. My diet is basically no white foods. I have two parents with diabetes. That is not what I want in my future, so I eat as if I am a diabetic. I am NOT on a diet…it is a lifestyle change.
Time for a nice hot shower…and to seek out my Icy Hot. Although I am getting stronger…my body is still having tantrums.
Thank goodness I am a Mom…I know how to ignore tantrums.

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