Kicking Butt!

Kicking butts and taking names! I am on the wonderful fitness train. My exercise has been consistent and because of that my eating has followed. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
I am wearing some pants that a month ago wouldn’t have been a good lok for me at all…now today they are baggy. That is the BEST feeling in the world. I have a ton of size 5 in my closet just waiting for me to sport this summer. My legs are looking amazing (KICKBOX!! Makes your hamstrings happy) so I’m gonna break out the shorts and skirts.
Every morning when I wake up I am refreshed and in a good mood. When I get dressed I am even happier. I haven’t gotten on the scale yet…I think I will wait until June 1st. The scale LIES anyway. Go by the way you feel and the way your clothes fit. I would rather lose inches, add muscle than see the numbers drop on the scale. The more muscle you have on your frame the more you burn at rest.
Last night was my Dedication workout. I dedicated that routine to me! Trust me…I was in pain yesterday. My body is having a tantrum right now. It was getting used to being at rest. πŸ™‚ Good thing I have experience with tantrums because I sure know how to ignore them.
Sunday I did rest. I would LOVE to workout out 21 days straight but as I have been painfully aware of (thanks back and shoulders) I do need to rest at least one day to heal. Pretty soon all I will need is a hot shower instead of a heating pad and Icy Hot after the workouts.
I feel so Empowered!
My workout tonight?? Empowerment. That is the hardest one in the series. Making it through that tonight will prove to me that I can accomplish anything. No excuses!
Just doing…keep going forward. Everyday you are just closer to your goals.

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