The question asked during tonight’s workout…Are you a Transformer?? I know some other meaning was meant by that question…but at that particular moment my hip and both knees were just a clicking away. Am I a Transformer…I guess I am. I sure SOUND like one when I’m working out. If I would pick one I would be Bumblebee…


Bee is awesome…if I must be a Transformer then it will be my beloved Bumblebee. 🙂 I had a giggle attack in the middle of the workout. At 42 all kinds of strange noises happen when you are moving. Still…I feel great! Another successful routine in the bag.
I was hungry in the beginning but I think I will just have a protein shake. I tend to lose my appetite after a hard workout. 🙂 It’s time for a hot shower (that fixes everything on this Old Bumblebee) and relaxation on the couch with Rexie and Ghost Adventures.

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