Super Skinny vs Super Fit…

Decisions…which one should I go for?? I used to be so fixated on the numbers back when I was younger. 10 years ago I would have picked SUPER SKINNY. Now…as a 42 year old woman Super Skinny would look like this on me

Not a good look…especially if I am trying to get a date or three.  Not exactly a Sexy Cougar look. 🙂 If I am planning on living the single life then:


Jillian Michaels “Good Gawd” body. I have the same body type as she does and I actually DID have that look for a long time.  Low carb eating, lots of water, cardio, and weight lifting. It doesn’t take much to get this look as long as you are dedicated to what you are doing. My weight NEVER dropped below 143 pounds YET I looked smaller. I was wearing smaller sizes tan what my weight dictated. Adding muscle to your frame burns more fat. Though five pounds of muscle and five pounds of fat weigh the same…muscle takes up much less room. When I noticed myself shrinking yet my weight stayed the same…I decided to heck with the metal and glass monster! I will go by how my clothes look and fit.

🙂 🙂 I will enjoy this chapter of my life for sure. It is fun for me. I love the fact I never counted calories…and it is impossible for anyone to overeat eat high protein/vegetables. 

Three weeks at a time!

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