A Journey of…

…a thousand miles starts with just one step. You have to start to move forward.
I have started my thousand mile journey today. Oh my it feels good to sweat again. 🙂 I have been in a holding pattern for a couple of months. I realized today that the only thing keeping me from getting back into “Dear Lawd!” shape was ME. I have all the tools and the knowledge I just wasn’t using it. I know it is attainable again because I have done it more than once. Right now I am “fluffy fine”. I’m not in great shape nor am I overweight…I’m fluffy.  It’s not that bad…I’m 42 and I think I’m doing pretty good maintaining the old body. BUT…43 is on the horizon. I want to be in the best condition that I can be in by the time I make 44.
Nothing just falls into your lap…wishing something will happen also doesn’t work. Anything worthwhile involves some work on your part. If you put in the hard work the feeling of accomplishment is amazing once the journey is complete.  Trust me…it is the best feeling in the World.
So…I looked at the tools that I have and discovered that along with the tools I also have the motivation to get off my butt and move in oxygen. The diet part is easy for me. I am not one to eat all day. In fact I tend to forget to eat. I have cut out the “white” foods and I am sticking to good proteins, veggies, and berries. I am doing my version of Atkins. Food…check, roger, got it! It’s the exercise that I actually need to psych myself up to do.  o_O
…what has worked for me in the past is this…I ALWAYS have at least 90 minutes to get something done. Instead of laying on the couch and sleeping I can use that time to get in some cardio and toning. In the end I will sleep better anyway. I will have more energy during the day as well.
In order for something to become a habit it must be done for 21 days straight. After that it should become second nature…like breathing.  21 days is achievable for me. Hell I love the way I feel during and after a workout.  I have been lucky enough to have the body style that shows results rather quickly.  So watching the transformation over the next three weeks will be a great motivator for me.
This time that I have by myself is the perfect time to see just what Rob is capable of doing. I do know this…what Robin wants…Robin gets. Well I want this…BAD! Summer and my birthday is coming…I plan to have the Dear Lawd body again. 🙂 I think I will stick to doing my workouts in the home. Contrary to what an Ex-Boyfriend has told me over and over again…I DO NOT like attention. The Gym has too many people there and I just don’t think it is a good look (for me…just for me) to be gasping and sweating in public. Once I’m in better shape (cardiovascular and body) I may venture into the Gym and get my sweat on. At this point I am not in the business of scaring Soldiers because I look possessed on a machine. 🙂 🙂
My Girlfriends (one in particular…Marlene) are my inspiration. One is a Gym Queen and the other two are Walking Divas…I guess I can be the “Cussing out the TV while sweating” Queen.  Once I get my confidence up then I will go from there. I’m quite content with my cat Rex staring at me from the sofa while I’m working out.
Getting in shape…three weeks at a time! Now to harass my Brother and my Sister-In-Law to join me… Teehee!
Day One:
Total Transformation Training : Ignition
Amped: Sculpt Express
More water than I have in my aquariums.
Now…it is time to get some food.

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