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Importance of Rest…

I found out the hard way how important it is to rest your body. 🙁 At this time I have…
Pulled groin muscle
Swollen knees
Aching right hip
Pulled lower back (huge lump)
This morning I literally couldn’t get out of bed…walking was out of the question.  I guess being in your 40’s does make a difference with working out.  It has been recommended that I stay off my feet for the next two days. No exercise for at least a week…minimum.
I work for the Government so taking time off isn’t an issue…it still sucks.  I love the results that I am seeing …I hate the pain I am feeling.
I will take every third day off for rest once I start exercising again.  I need to understand (and sadly I do) that being hard headed when it comes to exercise does lead to athletic injuries.  If I’m trying to be a trainer I need to remember this…and I will.
My diet will remain clean…lots of water and healing. Icy Hot and a hot shower didn’t fix everything this time…I actually heard the rip in my lower back. 🙁
Later …🙁

Weight Loss Tips…

An Oldie yet Goodie from my past!  Back in 2007  I was Super Low Carber and The Taebo Diva weighing 136 pounds and wearing 3s. I was asked to do an interview.  Because of this interview I was able to basically maintain my weight loss. YES…it is possible after 35 (I turned 38 4 days later). It IS possible after 40. I am slowly getting back into the same shape I was in back then. I love muscle memory!  Once I am back to the 2007 condition I was in I will be posting another picture. I believe reading real stories and getting tips from people currently doing the different programs does help.
I am following my OWN advice and using my own tips.  Apparently it worked before. Here is proof! Check out the main site as well if you are looking for CURRENT inspiring stories…
***One thing! I DO NOT recommend doing Kimkins unless you have seen a doctor. I started doing Kimkins BEFORE the scandal.  The creator of this plan NEVER followed her own diet, she never reached any goal, she was still morbidly obese, and she was using pictures of Russian Brides as before and after pictures. ANY diet works…but please consider before going on this one. You would do better investing in a book. That is exactly what I did!***

WEIGHT LOSS TIPS-Weight Loss Success Stories-Interviews with Real People ( (Main Site- Current Inspirational Stories)
For Robin, low-carb isn’t just a weight loss diet but a change to a new lifestyle (My Interview)

Robin Before

Robin After

-City & country: Arizona, United States
-Age: 37 (turning 38 July 19th)
-Weight before diet: 199-200 lbs. (I could have been more…I stopped looking when I saw 199.6)
-Weight now: 135-140 lbs. (I fluctuate constantly because of the amount of exercise I do.)
-Target weight: 125-130 lbs.
Robin’s decision to switch to a low-carbohydrate food plan has certainly brought about a solution to her weight loss problems, and it’s a solution that fits easily into her lifestyle. Her adherence to the Atkins plan — and more recently, Kimkins — plus her devotion to Taebo exercises have brought the results she wanted. Robin shares the elements of her success, elements that may motivate others in their own efforts to lose weight and become healthier.
What finally made you decide to start with a weight loss program?
I was starting to look older than I actually am. I was tired of feeling bad in the morning and exhausted all the time. Shopping for clothes was a joke…I just couldn’t find anything that made me look like a million bucks and 50 pound lighter. I was tired of avoiding mirrors… averting my eyes every time I encountered a full length mirror. I guess you could say it was old fashioned vanity on my part.
What type of weight loss program did you follow?
I am currently living the low carb life. I am the type of person that researches everything. I bought different low carb plans and I finally settled on Atkins.
-Why did you choose this weight loss program?
I chose Atkins because it fit better into my lifestyle. I wanted something that was easy for me to follow and that didn’t require me to have a Master’s Degree in Math and Physics to follow. It is easy for me…lean proteins, veggies, some fruits, and low carb count. Too easy to mess up (for me) and the dishes were easy to prepare. I recently started doing Kimkins since I am close to my goal and I wanted to mix up things a bit. My body has gotten used to eating this way so I am lowering the fat (just a little) to kick start the weight loss again and to get to my ultimate goal of 125.
How long were you on your weight loss program?
I have been following different weight loss plans for at least 10 years. I was loosely following Atkins until August 2006…that is when I really got serious and followed the plan to the letter. I sat down and read the book from cover to cover and decided…THAT IS IT! I remember sitting in my brother’s den when the light bulb finally started to glow…I made myself a salad and a steak. That was the beginning and I haven’t looked back since.
What kinds of physical activities do you like doing to maintain your weight and to stay fit?
TAEBO! TAEBO! TAEBO! I have every Taebo system from the beginning (circa 1999)…I should own stock in the company. When I first started working out I did Walk Away the Pounds (my fitness level wasn’t high enough for Taebo). Once I lost enough weight and my fitness improved, I started doing my Taebo routines. I have recently purchased the newest system…Taebo Amped. I am seeing great results from the Taebo and Atkins. I don’t believe I would be where I am today without incorporating exercise into my lifestyle. I am in smaller sizes (3, 4, 5) because of the working out. I don’t think I would be this small if I wasn’t doing any exercise.
What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome or are still overcoming?
Dealing with the cravings was hard at first. I was severely addicted to carbs. The first week of Atkins was miserable…I had what was called the Induction Flu. I still stuck it out and I am glad that I did because after about a week I felt great. I also had to stop being embarrassed about what I looked like and start exercising. I never wanted to exercise in front of anyone. Today I will work out no matter who is in the room with me. I usually have a full house with my two teenagers and the pets all in the room keeping me company and cheering me on. It helps with the boredom and the cravings. I do still have a sweet tooth but now instead of eating a pound of candy I will have some nuts and throw in a workout.
How did you keep yourself motivated?
I shop/browse a lot. I don’t necessarily buy anything but I do try on clothes. Seeing yourself looking good and actually fitting into the clothes that a short time ago would have been unthinkable is motivation for me.
Do you have any weight loss tips for our readers?
Whatever Plan you decide to follow make sure you understand the concept and follow it correctly. A little bite here and a little taste there DOES make a difference in the long run. Never consider yourself on a DIET but see it as a lifestyle change. I think I have been so successful on Atkins because I have never looked at this as a diet. It was a lifestyle change for me. If I didn’t change my eating patterns and improve my fitness level I would be very sick and very overweight. Always remember that you are not perfect…there will be slip ups. If that does happen then move right along…pick yourself up and continue forward towards your goal. Just because you had a cookie does not make you a failure.
One more tip… EXERCISE (in my opinion) IS NON-NEGOTIONABLE! Even if it means breaking up your movement into sessions throughout the day…JUST DO IT! Your body will thank you, you will lose weight faster and you will look better once your reach your goal.
Do you think it will be easy to fall back into your old lifestyle pattern? How do you prevent this from happening?
Because my old lifestyle pattern was so horrendous I don’t think it will be easy for me to go back to where I came from. I have been eating low carb consistently for a year now and I really do not have the desire to eat any other way. Sweets are just TOO SWEET for me these days. What I have done was develop a habit that is now hard for me to break. So I don’t foresee any setbacks in my future.
Staying consistent with my eating and exercise tends to keep the cravings at bay. I can literally sit on a mountain of candy and chips and I just do not have the desire to eat it. That is the wonder of the low carb lifestyle…zero desire for carbs and processed foods.
Do you have a favorite Web site or blog that helped or inspired you to lose weight?
Well, of course, my blog! Limenade and Watermelon – a great place…my dumping ground! I also find inspiration from Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Blog, Low Carb Friends, Taebo Fans Page, Billy (You can join the Club!), and Kimkins. All of these places are just wonderful to me and have helped me to get to where I am today.

Pulled Abductor Muscle…

…well this BLOWS! Because of the strain and the location is is very hard for me to do kicks. SO not cool when your workout of choice is KICKBOXING. I pulled it the other day while doing a lateral runner’s stretch and lost my balance.  My cat Rex decided right at the moment where I was a little off balance he needed some love.
It it sore. I know that I need to rest this in order for me to heal properly. Here is the thing…once I decide I want to do something; I literally NEED to complete the task.  I don’t want to lose any conditioning that I have acheived. It feels great to see the results that I am seeing so quickly. I guess muscle memory is not a myth.
Last night I did all over toning with a three pound weighted bar. Sculpt Express.  I guess tonight will be me focusing on my abs and upper body.  I so want this!  Once I am where I want to be I would like to get licensed as a trainer. My Ultimate Goal.
I guess I could call my self an athlete since I am getting  “athletic” injuries. I have come a long way from being the sad, depressed, fat housewife. GO ME!


One point in time
two souls connect
your initial thought
‘it is suspect’

Your past mistakes
you do reflect
so your thin skin
you must protect
But happiness
won’t resurrect
until the guilt
becomes neglect
And you remember
no one’s perfect
and you ain’t either
since last you checked
So enjoy the time
and don’t dissect
there’s always a reason
that Lives intersect
Author: Craig Murphy

Be joyful for you are truly blessed to have the ones in your life.  I know I am…

Scale Lies!

Especially when you begin getting back into shape. When you first start exercising you may notice your weight going up! Yikes…NOOOOOOO! All that work and the scale is saying I weigh more?? Why bother??
YES…BOTHER! Your body may be retaining water.  Blood filling the muscles…added muscles. Don’t become a slave to the Glass and Metal Demon. It speaks with a forked tongue.
I NEVER weigh myself the first month after starting an exercise routine. My weight fluctuates too much and I have a better chance of getting discouraged. I gauge my progress by :

  • Stamina
  • The way my clothes fit
  • How I look in my clothes
  • The way my body feels (if it is tighter)

A scale is a great tool but it should never be the only thing you consult during your lifestyle transformation.  You may even notice the scale not moving…but your clothes are getting smaller. A small number on the scale doesn’t mean you are fit…or healthy.

The old saying muscle weighs more than fat?? Horseshit…5 pounds is 5 pounds! Just look at the difference. I would prefer to have 5 pounds of lean muscle on my frame than 5 pounds of that fluffy yellow crap. Fat takes up more space than muscle. Muscle is DENSER…but a pound is a pound.  The more muscle you have the more fat you burn. The leaner you will become.  So if the scale isn’t moving but your clothes are getting looser refer to that image up above.
Do not trust the scale…but your eyes!
Later! (I have some reports to take care of…)

Weekly Pic??

Ughhhh…I don’t know about that one. 🙂 It was suggested to me that I take a weekly picture of myself so I can see the progress I am making. It IS a good idea.
I’m shy.
I really am shy. I have the battle scars of a woman who has had two children back to back and was (at my highest) about 90 pounds overweight. Yikes!
I’m considering the suggestion…I just have to get over my body image problem. 😛


Another workout done. Another step towards my fitness goal. This one was a little challenging for me. It took me a little to get into the groove…but I did it. I almost seriously pulled my groin during the cool down. I lost my balance doing the runner’s stretch. OW…but I was able to recover before I popped it. I think I nice hot soak and a cold compress is in my future. Tomorrow will be upper body sculpting.
I cannot stress how important exercise is with your diet. It helps control the appetite and give you an overall sense of well being. I have been in the best mood for the past two weeks. Once I start moving and focusing on my body and my form all my worries just seem to disappear. My diet is basically no white foods. I have two parents with diabetes. That is not what I want in my future, so I eat as if I am a diabetic. I am NOT on a diet…it is a lifestyle change.
Time for a nice hot shower…and to seek out my Icy Hot. Although I am getting stronger…my body is still having tantrums.
Thank goodness I am a Mom…I know how to ignore tantrums.

Checking in…

…because this blog is a tool for my success. It makes me accountable. 🙂
Last night was 90 minutes of Ultimate Taebo. I did it straight through. The first hour I was wearing 1 pound weight on each hand to add resistance. The last 30 minutes was straight up cardio and ab work. The more I do…the more I want to do. I like THIS addiction. The results are great health, weight loss, and a smoking body. Who could complain??
🙂 🙂
I just called my water company and requested Demineralized Water! Yay for demineralized water. What is demineralized water?? A fancy way for Culligan to say Distilled Water.  🙂 🙂 There are lots of things said about how bad distilled water is for you. I have also read good things…bottom line I prefer the taste. It does cost the same as drinking water (I thought all this time I was getting SPRING water!) so why not?? I find that I slim down quicker and I don’t retain water AT ALL!
A great big plus!!
Okay now. I am eating clean and barely drinking any alcohol. I am trying to limit that to on the weekend or maybe once or twice a week. Excessive amounts of alcohol (even if it is the low carb favorite Bacardi and Diet Coke) stalls your weight loss and makes you sluggish during your workouts the next day. In fact you won’t feel right until 24 hours later.
Tonight will be Sculpting and more Ab work. Looking forward to tonight! 🙂

Last Night…

…I proved to myself that I am capable of doing anything. I was in a great deal of pain (well very sore) and I was able to complete the Empowerment workout.
It does give a person the feeling of great accomplishment. 🙂 Tonight will be straight cardio. I need to give my muscles a rest so they can heal and grow.
Gonna do the Ultimate workout tonight. 90 minutes of kickboxing and arguing with the television. It will probably be 90 minutes of my trying to not kick the Cat. Rex tends to get under foot whenever he hears the music start.
My eating has still been good…I am not that hungry anyway. I just make sure I get in my water and fuel my body when it needs it.
Time to leave work and get my Kickboxing on…

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