I’m sitting here waiting on a REAL part-time job to give ne a call. It would be way better than the 1 day a week I work now. Work from home…in the evenings after my real job. This place requires three interviews to work with them. THREE!  All for the princely sum of 9.00 an hour. Wow…
Although I am a Government Employee (as ranted in my post below) being recently divorced (I’m a Dicorcee…how French) has put a strain on my finances.
********WHELP…just got the call…they need me to work for three weeks from 12-9PM…Monday through Friday. Conflicts mightily with Full Time job. It’s a no-go. Maybe Wal-Mart?? Cashiering?? UGH, that is joy, especially in this town!********
Time to do Plan B…

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