Going backwards …

Goddamn it! How is it possible for a person that was doing good with her life to actually go backwards? Well…like I have said from the beginning…this should be called Memoirs of a Simple Bitch.
Why is my ass sitting in a goddamned Laundromat? I’m a government employee making decent money. I haven’t done the Laundromat thing since my children were little….damn near 20 years ago….yet I am sitting in this dirty ass place.
Changes need to be made…for real. I tend to bring in wounded strays….I married one and it flipping mauled me for 23 years. I now live with another wounded stray.
What is wrong with me? It would be nice to just be treated nicely. I am nice…I’m sure there are nice people out there. I tend to find psychotics.
So…here I sit in a goddamned Laundromat…feeling like I’m going back in time. To a most unpleasant time period in my life.
Time to make some changes.

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