Shrimp and Crabmeat Enchiladas

…with a white chili sauce. Can you believe it is Low Carb?  I modified the recipe with Low Carb tortillas. Each tortilla is only 4 carbs each. It is cooling right now. Once I taste it and find it acceptable I will post the recipe.  I also have the Oopsie Roll  recipe (for those days when you want a sandwich and not a lettuce wrap) AND the recipe for pizza crust using cauliflower. My Mom made it and she loved it…couldn’t tell the difference.
I’m going back to Atkins…can you tell? I will always add more veggies and berries than is allowed…but it is what I know best. I am glad I went to Culinary Arts School because I love to experiment and I never get bored with this lifestyle.
It smells delicious!!
Later (hopefully with a recipe)!

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