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SIZE 6! I'm still doing what I can to maintain... 🙂

This is still a weight loss blog….I am still eating low carb. The Dukan Diet is cool but I am finding myself going back to my Atkins ways. It IS what I lived for almost 7 years now.  It is a habit for me to gravitate to those types of foods.
I don’t mind wearing the “even” sizes (that is usually in the Women’s section) because I am definitely not a Junior anymore. I can wear Jr sizes but at 42 everything looks like I’m in denial about my age. It isn’t even Sexy Cougar looking…it is more like Delusional Cougar. I am a Woman so wearing Women’s sizes makes the most logical sense.Plus…at 42…some things need to be put away(butt, midriff,boobs) for just the special people in your life ! No need to scare small children and animals in the process of looking sexy.
I had eggs and sausage for breakfast today. For lunch I will be chowing down on some dry baked wings (Thanks Kellie for the recipe) and some Activia (GREAT STUFF!). I’m still working on drinking my water as well.
NOW…exercise! I need to do that again. It isn’t more apparent to me that I need the exercise just to let off some steam and to get rid of stress. This week is still STANK…but I find that I handle the bad days better with some Billy Blanks and kicking.
So yes…this is STILL about my adventures of diet and exercise…with some of my interesting life thrown in to boot. Gotta keep you entertained and me from going postal. 🙂

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