No More Facebook!

I have decided that I really do not need Facebook anymore. I mean…really…what is Facebook doing for me? Well…it is giving Miss Sophia -Child Bride Extraordinaire , her jollies by sending me unwanted friend requests and messages. I guess the poor child (she’s 25 years old…I’m 42) has a short attention span and gets bored easily. I am really happy that this Simple Child has love in her life (for how long I don’t know…I divorced him for a reason)…but please leave me  alone. I haven’t bothered with either of the happy couple yet I am still being harassed by this SGT in the Army. YEP…she is a NCO in the Army and this is how she acts.
So…I decided that Facebook is evil and causing me nothing but drama, high blood pressure, and hurt feelings.
But I never said I wouldn’t blog about My Adventures as a Simple Bitch! 🙂

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