Fushing Feef!

Well..that is what the Ex thought I was this afternoon. It seems EVERY TIME I am right at the point where he is a mere ghost of a memory…he surfaces again.  It is sad that the man would think of me FIRST when he sees an unknown charge on his checking account. How about looking at the people who are closest to him…His way too young Girlfriend…or maybe his Daughter?? I wouldn’t put it past either to think like the Selfish Brats (their age group) that they are…but NO…let’s upset and disturb Robin! I’m stunned he still has my cell phone number…I would have thought he would have forgotten it…on purpose… to appease his Child Bride.
Sigh…after sitting in shock for a couple of minutes trying to decipher just what the hell this man was screaming about…I called the bank, NOT to help him…but to clear me. You would think this Genius…this Intellectual…would have called the bank first, then he would have found out what I did in less than 5 minutes. The charge was on HIS card…charged TODAY…in Hinton GA. I’m in AZ. I haven’t had a card to that particular checking account in over a year. Name has been cleared…and now he looks like the Ass that he is. Maybe…this isn’t such a shit day after all.
Now I’m certain that I will never have to deal with this person again… I hope.

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