Oat Bran

Well…I have to say not bad at all. I don’t have the time to cook the Oat Bran into a Galette like Dukan suggests so I made it into a breakfast cereal. It actually tastes good. It has the consistency of grits…NOT oatmeal. I happen to be a grits fan so it didn’t bother me at all. Taste like sweet grits (if add splenda) and it is filling. One thing…IF you aren’t …ahem…”regular” you will be soon after eating the oat bran. I had energy and no hunger cravings at all this morning. Remember to drink your water!
For lunch I ate some baked chicken wings. the best to get are the frozen sections without the tips (since it isn’t allowed in attack phase) and bake them. I didn’t add any salt and just used spices as prescribed. I was never a salt eater anyway…BUT I did notice the chicken tasted like chicken and I got full faster. Dr Dukan mentioned (I think gotta check) That added salt does make you eat more or crave more food. I think he is right.
So far so good…second day of Phase 1 and I am doing good. 🙂 Getting in my walking by just doing my job (I cut myself and broke a nail…TRAGIC and another post).
Later! 🙂

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