…getting it in anyway I can. One of the perks of my job is exercise. I am constantly out and about walking and climbing stairs. Dr. Dukan stresses exercise and recommends walking. Well…I do tons of that on a daily basis. I am still waiting to get cleared to go back to my kickboxing ways though. I do miss that. I am not looking to lose tons of weight just get healthy. The weight loss will be a welcome side effect of the diet change and movement in oxygen (exercise).
The website states that my true weight is 145. I can live with that…my body seems comfortable around that weight anyway and it is easier to maintain in the long run. I am considering doing a short 30 minute workout tonight. Considering. 🙂
Off to finish drinking my water and to finish off my workday. It has been a busy one for me.
***Don’t know why I am smiling…gonna get on the scale tomorrow morning. I’m hoping it is still in the high 150’s …evil metal and glass monster***

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