Today is my first day on the Dukan Diet. It says that I will only need to be on the 1st phase (Attack) for two days. I think I will go for four days. I am on a diet of Pure Proteins and lots of water. It is low sodium and not that much added fat.
The first day so far isn’t that bad. I’m not that hungry and I do have energy. The vast amount of water is making me do potty runs more often. ๐Ÿ™‚ The bloat is going away. I will be going to the store to look for Oat Bran (I need to eat a tablespoon and a half a day). Other than that…pretty cool diet.
Tonight will be Basa Filets for dinner and some yogurt. Good thing I like everything on the 72 foods list. I will be trying out some recipes later on…

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