The Photoshop Diet…

I have found the solution to all my worries…PHOTOSHOP!  I don’t think I will ever have to diet and exercise ever again…Hell I won’t even age!

This is me before Photoshop. A woman hanging on to her youth with diet and exercise...I think I look pretty good. OMG...are those my collar bones?? Yay!

Just a quick story…I was married for 19 years. I just got divorced. When I got married all those years ago I borrowed a dress from my Mom and went to the Courthouse. NEVER wore a gown and never took pictures…so…I took a picture in a wedding dress.

THIS IS ME! I have always wanted to see what I would look like all wedding dressy and all. That IS my head and face...the way she did the makeup and airbrushing...well I look of Asian descent. Korean?? But I have had Filipino people mistake me as one of their own and spoke Tegalo to me while I was in full makeup.

Sexy! Sexy! I WISH I had this body. Compliments of Photoshop…I am a WWE Diva. No need to diet or exercise or plastic surgery! Yay!

Me was a WWE Diva. Miss Kitty...or Katt (my actual nickname). This IS once again my head...just with my jawline defined.

The Photoshop Diet…YOU…Perfected!

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