Dukan Diet??

I just came back to work (WONDERFUL VEGAS TRIP!! WILL POST ABOUT THAT ONE NEXT…KINDA)  and my wonderful Boss left the diet book on my desk. IF you are anything like me you have every single diet book known to Man. In my case I have just about every variation of low carb diet books:

  • Atkins (The 1972 Original all the way up to the newest version)
  • South Beach (Regular and Super Charged)
  • Paleo Diet (eat like a caveman…YES! I am a carnivore! Gonna have meat in my mouth…Oh Dear…THAT sounds dirty!! 😛 )
  • Fat Flush Diet (A good one…especially the long life cranberry juice cocktail…she stresses fiber)
  • Dr. Gott’s No Sugar/No Flour Diet
  • Sugar Busters
  • Carbohydrates Addict’s Diet
  • A subscription to Kimkins Website (I don’t know what I was thinking!! I guess Rabbit Starvation was in at that time…very dangerous!)
  • The 17 day Diet (good plan…pretty pink book…just it bothered the heck outta me, just like South Beach did)
  • Weight Watchers CORE (I modified it to a lower carb versionI still have the foods list…salad veggies are unlimited and BOY did I enjoy BIG salads)
  • I am sure there are others that I have forgotten the name

Anyhoo…I saw the Dukan Diet on the shelf at Walmart (so pretty and blue…with a plate!) and I almost purchased it. Then my brain referenced all the other diets that I have tried…the only success has been with Atkins. 70+ pounds lost doing Atkins and Taebo. So why fix what isn’t broken?? I decided to get back on track with Atkins and low carb (it worked before…so it should again) doing my kickboxing with my salad and meat diet.
WRONG! It worked before when I was 36 (6 whole years ago) and didn’t have heart issues and hypertension. I got the “You are gonna have a stroke because of your race” speech from my Cardiologist and a stern look along with the “Your first mistake was getting on a diet. That is why you are here” speech. I mentioned Atkins I thought the man (a Cardiologist now) was gonna have his own stroke. Guess that means No Atkins Diet for me. No Paleo either. 🙁 Those are the fastest working and favorite of my diets.
No fair!
>_< (having a tantrum and holding my breath)
I didn’t want to do South Beach because honestly I’m just not interested. I can’t seem to get myself to do that diet. I needed something different…so now I am looking through the Dukan Diet (THANKS SHAWN!)
Key Points that are making me want to do this diet plan:

  1. The Diet has to be low in salt (the doctor did say NO SALT)
  2. Lots of water (I am a fish)
  3. There are just 4 Phases (not 17 days at a time)

So…gonna go to the store tomorrow and get the foods for the 1st phase. I am still reading the book (YES! I read each one from cover to cover to get an idea how to do it correctly)…I’m wondering if there are any people doing the Dukan Diet? How well does it work??
Gonna go read now!
🙂 Ms. Fluffy

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