Best Bra Eva!

Late at night when I can’t sleep I have seen this informercial. I always said…”ok it’s a sports bra…big deal!” I always dismissed this because nearly none of the things worked.
This is totally different.  On a whim I went to Target and I saw it. It was 40.00 less than the informercial sold it for and has the two colors I like. Ugly looking sports bra but if you are endowed like I am…you are sick of being hurt and having those ugly rolls in the back that make you look like the Michelin man. Hey …it was 20 bucks for two bras. Not a bad deal…10 bucks a bra and I have paid way more than that for one bra.

OMG! Pipit this on…no lines in the back…the pressure is off my upper back…I’m supported, lifted, and Barney says it looks like I  I don’t think I will ever take this off…talk about being in a good mood! 🙂 yay!
I also bought us a teloscoping back scratchier. Me an my T-Rex arms just can reach. 🙂 talk about eyes rolling from scratch back heaven!
So…got my high ass panic attack inducing tires …and two awesome gadgets.  Turned out to be a good day!
🙂 Ms. Fluffy

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