Weight Loss!

Other than talking about Ghosts and leaks in my apartment…this is also a weight loss blog. Seriously…it is! I just meander off to different things…whatever is in this old head of mine I do dump it out. Makes for an interesting blog. 🙂
When I returned to blogging back in December I had picked up a ton of weight. I was dangerously close to having a 2 in the beginning of my weight. NOT COOL! I’m 5’4″ with an Apple body…don’t wanna look like a real apple again.
Back to weight loss…I started to exercise again. Doing Billy Blanks and eating low carb. My blood pressure decided that it wanted to be sky-high so I had to stop the exercise and eating like a dinosaur (T-REX DIET) for a while. SINCE I started the blood pressure medication and started to eat better (fruits and vegetables) I have dropped about 15 pounds. YAY! I’m fluctuating between 154 and 157…a way better look than 170 to 174. I am no longer getting into battles with my skirts and jeans. Last month I swear my jeans were trying to strangle me. WE had a hate/hate relationship there.
Gonna have a GOOD LOOK for Vegas because now my clothes like me! I JUST met my neighbor that lives under me. DOUBLE YAY! I was able to let her know that I do kickboxing and NO I’m not just jumping up and down on her head for 90 minutes to just bother her. Other than the television being a little loud sometimes…she was cool. I have been given the green light to start doing Billy again. I have a little under two weeks to see what I can do with my exercise.
Now…I need to find a salad or something to chew on. **SCRATCH THE SALAD*** Had a Wendy’s burger…I OM NOM on some Wendy’s!  I will probably not eat anything else because I am FULL! It’s okay…gonna start exercising again tonight. Grown! 🙂


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