Ghosts And Leaky Flipping Sinks!

It’s Friday during Lent. I’m a Catholic so that means some form of seafood on Fridays. I had my mouth set on eating some fried fish and shrimp with french fries and some garlic bread. Yes…I know that isn’t the best choices for my high blood pressure having ass…but I’m grown and armed with blood pressure medicine.
Anyhoo…the reason for the title of my post…
I decided to move into an older apartment complex. It is bigger than what I was living in and cheaper. Great place…more space to add more stuff. Yada yada yada. The first night here we both felt…er…for lack of a better word…watched. It was so bad we smoked the house with cedar and then Barney blessed it. Still…in the middle of the night seeing glimpses of movement, shadows, figures in the flipping mirror
. NO. I am not crazy…I know that if you get an old place you get the history of the place. 😛
Again…smoke the house with cedar. Three times everything has come on in the house…meaning cell phones, alarm clocks and the computer all at the same time. Brrr…creepy…but not malevolent. I don’t feel that it wants us to leave…I just feel it wants us to know that it is here. Okay…mad respect for you Ghost. You got it..
. Oh! Oh! I didn’t mention that my beloved cat Gigi died under the bed. SO…not only am I feeling watched…seeing shadows…being waken up by every electronic device going off at 3 in the morning…I feel Gigi jumping on the bed and laying on our feet. 😛
Joy…still mad respect for you Ghost and Ghost Cat.
Leaky flipping sinks? Every flipping apartment that I have moved into has had a leaky sink. Flood water leaking. I am starting to believe there is a prerequisite for me and apartment. IT MUST HAVE A LEAKY SINK. I MUST HAVE BUCKLED FLOORS! Grrr…the sink in question now is the kitchen sink. I NEED the kitchen sink. I NEED some fried fish and shrimp. Can’t necessarily cook without a sink. I’m irritated because my mouth is wanting home cooking not a double Filet O’ Fish. Pheh…
So tonight…Barney goes out to get some Coke. I need my Coke sometimes…once again I have my trusty blood pressure medicine to protect me from the effect of the caffeine. GROWN! 🙂 I see the flood waters of Noah on my kitchen floor. Animals were marching in two by two. I’m not kidding. Filth! Flarn! Filth! Where are the towels and mop?? Of course EVERYTHING under the Noah’s Ark flood was wet so I proceed to remove everything and relocate to a drier more appropriate location. As I am relocating every cleaning product I own… a box of spaghetti flies off the shelf. Do you want Italian food Ghost?? Gawd!
So…it time to smoke the house again. Thank goodness I happen to have a Cedar (yet Poltergeist looking) tree right by my balcony and a couple of jars of spaghetti sauce to appease the Ghost…maybe. There still seems to be a Double Filet O’Fish in my future tonight.  Unless I can rig a bucket under the sink…can’t peel shrimp without water!
Where is the damn bucket??


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