Been very popular…

…these days with hits on new jobs. IT IS TIME I LEFT ARIZONA. Too many memories and I just need a fresh start. I have gotten three job offers so far…
Japan-Misawa AFB
Boston, MA-Coast Guard
and finally…
a 12 month tour of Afghanistan. BIG BIG BUCKS on that one…trust me. 🙂
I really just want someone from Texas or Louisiana to call me and offer a position to me.
It’s odd having all these choices in front of me. I have spent half my life taking care of other people. Putting my needs last…now I don’t know what to do.
It feels good to have choices again. i did tell the people for Afghanistan that I am actually interested. If I’m gonna have an adventure why not go all the way with it! It’s a great opportunity and I will have a chance to really start fresh. It is true…you do struggle after a divorce.  🙁

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