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Getting my exercise …

Going to be climbing stairs and walking today. Yay! One of the perks of my job is doing inspections around the complex. When I worked at the other buildings I was constantly moving. Kept me skinny…and toned. I will even take shivering as a workout. Gonna be uber-sexy for Vegas….watch. Now off to bang on doors and inspect…moving in oxygen.

Oh Dear!

I missed 18 posts for 2012. I’m sheepish…but still gonna rock this year with good eating and moving in oxygen. 🙂
I promise. There is more to come from me. I have made a challenge with my Sister in Law Kellie and my Brother Louis…to lose weight and be sexy by las Vegas!
Yup…Vegas Baby!! I would LOVE to be strutting down the Strip in my cute Vegas Only clothes. I have some 5’s still sitting in the closet. Right now I am in size 9’s and suspect 7’s. I say suspect because they could be vanity sized and full of spandex (GOD BLESS SPANDEX…HELPS ME MENTALLY) but it says 7 in the waist…so I will take that.
I haven’t gotten on the scale again. I will do that tomorrow morning and adjust the weight accordingly. Probably will have to put in a higher weight. Pheh! It sucks but it is the side effect of eating like it’s the last day on Earth.
So…here is my entry for January. I’m late posting but I am serious about being Uber-Sexy for Vegas. Gonna be back later with more of my ramblings.

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