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BEACHED WHALE! Well…not really but still! I did get on the hated glass and metal monster and took my weight today. Just so I know how far I need to go and how bad it actually is…NOT BAD. Well…not as bad as I thought. 🙂 bad enough for me to INSTANTLY start low carbing and exercising again. I’m not gonna wait until the 1st.
Before I met my Ultra Wonderful Barney I was 152 pounds. Give or take a couple of point somethings are another. Today…blissfully happy I might add…I was 166.4.

Almost 15 pounds of love has been added to my behind. 😛 My ultimate goal is to lose 31.4 pounds. Right now I’m just gonna shoot for getting my weight below 160. That will be easy enough. Not that big of a goal. Baby steps. I didn’t get 15 pounds heavier overnight. Thank goodness I have been sporadically working out during the weight creep. I still have muscle that I can work with.
I’m on my first day of Induction on the Atkins Plan. I am looking forward to feeling a little under the weather for about three days while my body burns off the sugar and carbohydrates. After that it will be pure fat that will be burned.  🙂 🙂
My version of Atkins is a little different than what the book I have prescribes. I eat unlimited veggies and salads. I have never heard of a person getting fat off a vegetable.
I would LOVE to lose 7 pounds in the next two weeks. Gonna do everything that I need to do to make sure that happens. Eating clean…lots of water…and exercise, which is non negotionable…it is NEEDED to ensure great results!

Microwave Scrambled Eggs Recipe – Mr Breakfast

Microwave Scrambled Eggs Recipe – Mr Breakfast.
Today was my first low carb meal. If you are anything like me you find yourself at work early in the morning. If you are lucky enough to have a refrigerator and a microwave at the office this is a great way to get in your protein first thing in the morning. I have found if I don’t eat something I will be craving carbs all day and I will eventually overeat. The eggs are delicious and filling. Extremely low carb and high in protein. It will keep you full until lunch time (no urge to hit the vending machine at all)

365 day challenge…

…or somewhat 365 days. I haven’t gained all my weight back that I had lost the first time….but I have gained some back. I’m fluffy…but getting close to being overweight again. 🙁  That is what I get for being deliriously happy. It’s a side effect I guess…fat and happy.
Wordpress is doing a 365 day challenge with their blogs. Post at least once a day for the next year. Hmmm…I could translate that into weight loss. Even if I hit my goal weight in 6 months…posting once a day (at least) will keep me accountable. I’m so serious about this I’m signing up for My Fitness Pal with a couple of girlfriends. I am also really considering buying into The Biggest Loser Challenge at work. I KNOW that if there is money on the line I will do what I have to do.
I have TONS of weight loss books. I am starting to think I have a problem because I see a new thing and then I buy it. In the end…the ONLY plan that worked for me and made me happy was Atkins. Plan old low carbing. LOTS OF WATER…NO ALCOHOL (that will hurt at first), high protein, moderate good fats, low carb (will get most of my carbs from vegetables and berries).  I’m tired of my clothes strangling me and I hate the way I look in the morning when I have had alcohol the night before. My age is showing like a bad slip people.
I know that Atkins is not for everyone. So I am not saying that this is the end all be all of diet plans. I just know from personal experience (my lowest weight was 137, since I was exercising I could also fit comfortably into a 5…I wouldn’t think of doing that now. Has anyone died from wearing WAAAYYY TOO tight jeans??) that it is quick, the first place I lose is my stomach, after a few days I have tons of energy and I AM NEVER HUNGRY.  I just need to get through the first three miserable days while my body is getting rid of the sugar (withdrawal plan and simple) and will start using my plentiful fat stores for energy. I’m sure I will survive for a good year just on my gut alone.
I have support this time around. My boyfriend Barney is willing to do the plan with me. He actually eats the low carb way when he is lifting. It is so good to have the support and not have to make two different meals everytime I cook. Having support is halfway to success.
So…the divorce has been final for more than 6 months…time to reinvent myself.
Will be back later to give my stating weight …if I can get off the floor from shock. 🙂

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