It's HAM-er Time….

Being the Barracks Manager has its perks. I have a full kitchen in my office. YAY! I am preheating the oven. Gonna tackle M.C. HAM-er.
Now…this is a cooked ham. Spiral cut. Even has the glaze package included. So why am I having so much trouble wrapping my mind around basically heating this thing up?? I’m used to the hams that I have to boil. The more complicated the dish the better I do. I’m sure if I opened up a big ole can of SPAM I would just lose it.
I see I forgot the foil that I need to wrap my ham. Sigh…This will be the one time that I will actually look at the directions and try to follow them exactly.
I hope the people that trust me to finish preparing their dishes don’t realize I am stumped on the cooking (er…warming) of a COOKED SPIRAL HAM. Now…where in these barracks will I be able to locate some foil…

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