At Some Point…I Gotta Start!

Yep…I gotta start sometime. No time like the present. As much as my wonderful boyfriend Barney tells me just how pretty I am…i still look and feel “fluffy”. So…let’s do this:
EXERCISE and EAT LIKE THE BIRD I’M NAMED AFTER until Thanksgiving. I will eventually go back to low carbing…not now. My Honey bakes…WELL. That doesn’t jive with the low carb lifestyle for me at this moment.
I haven’t gained that much weight, but I have gained enough where I do not want to get on the scale. I feel heavier…denser. That is enough for me. Once I am feeling light again I may get on the scale. If I do it now I just may drop dead and then this will become a ghost blog.
I have to pick up a ham (I have been whining about that all day) and remember what my Mom put on it to make it taste good. This is for a potluck at work. Even though the ham will be completely cooked I tend to mess them up. Once I locate the poop ham…I will exercise.
I have more exercise DVDs than the law allows. I will definitely check in tonight to bitch about trying to find a ham…and about which workout I finally decided upon…

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