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It's HAM-er Time….

Being the Barracks Manager has its perks. I have a full kitchen in my office. YAY! I am preheating the oven. Gonna tackle M.C. HAM-er.
Now…this is a cooked ham. Spiral cut. Even has the glaze package included. So why am I having so much trouble wrapping my mind around basically heating this thing up?? I’m used to the hams that I have to boil. The more complicated the dish the better I do. I’m sure if I opened up a big ole can of SPAM I would just lose it.
I see I forgot the foil that I need to wrap my ham. Sigh…This will be the one time that I will actually look at the directions and try to follow them exactly.
I hope the people that trust me to finish preparing their dishes don’t realize I am stumped on the cooking (er…warming) of a COOKED SPIRAL HAM. Now…where in these barracks will I be able to locate some foil…

Filth! Flarn! Filth!

I did actually get in some exercise. I was just interrupted…disturbed…whatever the heck you wanna call it. 40 minutes is still good…gonna shoot for longer tomorrow. IF I’m not interrupted. Crap!
Already feeling better after getting my prescriptions transferred and getting refills. Granted I had to call someone retarded (yes I know that isn’t nice) to get what I wanted done. Water water water in my system…so I’m off to a good start. The eating will be okay…like I said before there will be no diet, just eating like a normal person and not a termite. 🙂 Not trying to look like a pink fluffy  these days… 🙂
Now I need to get out of these compression pants (I swear that was a workout alone) and get a shower. I need to find a ham for tomorrow. I guess with the ham I will need cherries and some pineapple rings. Pheh…I’m buying it under protest too.

At Some Point…I Gotta Start!

Yep…I gotta start sometime. No time like the present. As much as my wonderful boyfriend Barney tells me just how pretty I am…i still look and feel “fluffy”. So…let’s do this:
EXERCISE and EAT LIKE THE BIRD I’M NAMED AFTER until Thanksgiving. I will eventually go back to low carbing…not now. My Honey bakes…WELL. That doesn’t jive with the low carb lifestyle for me at this moment.
I haven’t gained that much weight, but I have gained enough where I do not want to get on the scale. I feel heavier…denser. That is enough for me. Once I am feeling light again I may get on the scale. If I do it now I just may drop dead and then this will become a ghost blog.
I have to pick up a ham (I have been whining about that all day) and remember what my Mom put on it to make it taste good. This is for a potluck at work. Even though the ham will be completely cooked I tend to mess them up. Once I locate the poop ham…I will exercise.
I have more exercise DVDs than the law allows. I will definitely check in tonight to bitch about trying to find a ham…and about which workout I finally decided upon…

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