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…er…yeah. Just trying to test this out again…:P


I have been trying to get this blog to publish to my Facebook. It’s not like anyone reads my stuff anymore since I have been out of the loop for so long. Sigh…I do know that blogging with fitness keeps you honest. I know that I would do my routines JUST BECAUSE I said I would in my posts. It also helps me when I just need to dump my brain. I have so much to say on Facebook it is just better for me to blog about it. the limited characters always get me on the Facebook Page.
Ok…here goes NOTHING! I have been playing with this for a minute now…


…I wonder just how fit I can get??  I have NEVER finished my plans to the ultimate goal I was trying to achieve. I was usually distracted or discouraged from finishing up. I would usually get an annoyed look from the person that I was with and get told “You are getting obsessed“.  I JUST realized that wasn’t the case…I think I was starting to look too different. The person that I am seeing now is just as health conscious as I am. the Boy can get ripped…I saw the pictures. Nice. I think I will go back to low carbing (…clean eating) lots of protein and veggies. It does work. I just have let myself get distracted.
Still trying to figure out my plan. Once I have that in place it will be easy for me to get my sexy back.


…been since August since I have posted?? Where has the time gone for me? Busy, busy, busy Rob. 🙂
I stopped working out for a minute, due to not feeling well and just being lazy. I also met a wonderful man…he makes me happy. A Happy Rob is a Fluffy Rob. Well…not playing around anymore with the exercise. I can still be deliriously happy and exercise. Gonna look at my options for plans and exercise. Will be back later. Just had to post something. I was stunned to see that it has been since August and not a peep. I’m still around…just So Fluffy!


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