Tuesday and Wednesday…

…well Tuesday I was sick so I skipped my daily workout.  I must be the only person in the world that doesn’t lose my appetite when I get sick. 🙂 Most people get sick and lose a ton of weight…I don’t. My appetite is just as hearty as ever. I did stay on my plan, not because I wanted to but because I only had low carb foods in the apartment. Yay for thinking ahead on my part. 🙂 Still moving forward to get my fitness guru body back. 🙂
Today I had a high protein shake with added fiber. At my age fiber is a great thing plus it does keep you full. My lunch was Brats and Veggies. YUMMY.  Tonight, depending on my appetite (I lose it after working out) it could be a salad or another protein shake. Exercise yesterday was Fat Burn Accelerator with weight and Rockin Abs with weights. I don’t know if I will do light weights again tonight or straight cardio. I have enough Taebo in my library to switch it up for months and never repeat a workout. A GREAT thing for muscle confusion…which works great at getting fast results.
A coworker’s friend came in today looking much lighter. We asked what they were doing…apparently they are doing the HCG diet. They are taking the drops and eating a 500 calorie a day diet. Now…greanted they have a ton to lose but in 30 days they lost 25 pounds. I’m not too sure in that one yet. IF you eat 500 calories a day…the calorie deficit alone will make you drop weight. To me it is starvation on a stick. Your metabolism will be wrecked and if you breathe in the wrong foods after you make goal you will regain quickly. I did some research and I called around asking about the supplement.  I wanted to know if following a diet and actively exercising would work with the HCG. I really do not agree with the 500 calorie limit for 26 days principle. I would be chewing off my arm if I did that. And guess what…exercise is not recommended while doing this diet. You think? I doubt anyone would be able to function eating 500 calories a day.
Anyhoo…I called the local vitamin shop and found that they do carry this stuff. instead of paying tons of money ordering it offline I will scoop up some at the third of the cost.  I’m doing amino acids right now and the stuff in HCG is the stuff that women’s bodies produce naturally when we are pregnant (so i have been told)…so I’m gonna try it. After 30 days I will give my honest opinion on the results. Yay…I’m gonna be my own guinea pig. 🙂
The one thing that I KNOW I have control over is the way that I look and feel. I control what goes in my mouth and I control the workouts. Just making sure I’m taking care of this classic chassis of mine…it’s the only one I have. Gonna make sure it looks nice for as long as I can.
Gonna do more research on HCG and low carb diets. I will be back later…
🙂 🙂

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