Happy Monday!!

:)…I was busy this weekend but I stayed on plan for the most part. I did workout as planned on Friday. I also went out for a little while with my other Girlfriend. Exercise does make a difference in the way you party. 🙂 I only had 3 drinks…go Rob!  I wore a black halter dress that I have been loving for a while now.
I may look a little tipsy but actually I was just having a good time. It is Monsoon season here so what you are looking at is me dying from the humidity praying to the hairspray gods that my hair wouldn’t morph into an afro. 🙂
Being able to wear the things that you heart is a great motivator to continue on with fitness. I did Taebo Amped Sculpt Express before I went out. The 3lb bar makes a difference…you see results quickly. I have found through the years of me being on a constant diet, the only real results (fast ones too) that I get is when I am using Taebo and low carbing. My Girlfriend looked at me and said “Robin you look smaller.”  That made my evening. When I started with the old Low carb plus Taebo thing …she went “Nah…that’s not it!” So I just laughed and said I had some afternoon liposuction done. I am showing results super fast doing this plan so I guess saying I had emergency liposuction would make more sense.
Moving on…Saturday. Well Saturday had me helping out with a garage sale at 7 in the morning. It was a success! 🙂 BUT…I was beat. So I went home played around a bit. I was going to workout…after a nap. The nap turned into 14 hours of sleep. I felt great on Sunday morning when I woke up. I guess at my age I do need to shut down at least once a week to recharge the batteries.
Sunday I did Taebo Amped Fat Burn Accelerator and Rockin Abs (also Amped) with the bar. Kicked my butt and it actually made up for the missed workout on Saturday.  This evening will either be Ultimate Taebo or one of his DVDs from his T3 system (Taebo Total Transformation) . It also uses very light weights but the way he works your core is being engaged every step of the way. I found som Dreamfields Pasta …lasagna baby! Tonight I will have my low carb lasagna. I have never had any problems with Dreamfields. So you can image how happy I was when I saw the store sells different pastas.
At then end of the month I will be posting some pictures that show my results and progress. It is time to update with some pictures with me being in my 40s.
I have some work to finish…I am still on track. Just got busy and sleepy this weekend.

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