Checking in with my workout…

…yesterday before I decided to be Bad Rob, I did 90 minutes of Ultimate Taebo. There was enough ab work in that particular workout where I didn’t need to pop in another DVD. If I would have decided to throw in the Abs DVD I probably would have been laying on the floor like Patrick Starr…my unique Starfish Pose that I do when I just can’t do anything else. I try to work to muscle failure each time. It does make  a difference in my results when I’m leaning up.
I haven’t really decided if I want to go to a Gym to do weights and cardio. I have weights at home and it is really easy to make the apartment feel hot like the Gym. I just shut off the A/C and go for it. It’s a little harder now because AZ is going through its monsoon season right now so the humidity is killing me. I guess that is why the Starfish Pose is being used more often. 🙂 I feel like I’m exercising in a sauna right now.
Today will be an hour of toning and some cardio. I do realize that me drinking last night will have me sluggish…so I will work with the weights and weighted bar. The one thing that I do not like is what I call Jiggly Puff right before my body decides to catch up with the weight loss. I can’t stand it…but it does happen. Because I’m low carbing it is in the stomach area right now. Ew. In another week my body will stop and it will tighten up and look normal. My waist is getting smaller and my stomach is flattening. Just what I want…I can keep the rest of the curves thank you…just wanna have that stomach go away and behave.
Off to drink more water…
Later ! 🙂

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