While I'm Waiting…

…for my supplements (Amino Acids) to kick in I decided update my About Me Page. Yup…new pictures instead of the red x that was showing. “Memoirs of a Simple B***h” is what I should have named this blog. Seriously…but I think the title I have now suits what I write about these days. My Life as I experience it while exercising and impersonating a fitness guru.
So…I decided to try on some clothes that I want to wear for Ladies Night this evening. I was on a mission to find a black skirt and since I can wear Juniors sizes (7-9) I decided to see what kind of cute little outfit I could scoop up. NOW…I am a firm believer of this saying “Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it”...even when it applies to me. The cute little black skirt is just that…little. I didn’t realize it was a belt impersonating a skirt. I don’t care how small I get…I’M NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE in that thing. If I try I fully expect my family to tackle me and call an intervention. Because I’m obviously HIGH if I did try to wear it out. Now maybe…if I was an Old Cougar (in denial) out there on a man picking mission I may consider it, but the 42-year-old sensible part of me was like : “you look like a damn fool” over and over and over again in my head. I like to sit and walk in clothes. IF I decided to sit down at any point …It would not be a good look. Anyway, a 42 year old’s ass cheeks should be fully covered and secured when wearing clothes. At some point…some body parts just need to be put away (no need to scare small children and animals).
The belt/skirt thingy will go to my daughter. She seems to work small items of clothing better than I do. OH…she will be wearing tights or something with it…but she will look great in it. I guess that 23 year age difference is the key. 🙂 I have something more age appropriate to wear…if I get everything done and actually try to go do the Ladies Night thing I will take a picture. A picture of me NOT looking like a damn fool.
The supplements are kicking in…off the exercise.

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