Mmmm…CHICKEN…And Other Random Diet Thoughts!

Whenever I start to eat clean I tend to eat weird things for breakfast. Whatever my body is craving I tend to eat it. I have learned that listening helps me stay on plan. Today I ate baked chicken. YUM. 🙂  For lunch I’m feeling a big old Egg and Tuna Salad. I don’t care what Atkins has to say about veggies…I have never seen a person get fat from eating leafy green vegetables. The “Big Salad” is just so good, and GREAT if you eat it with full fat dressing (fat is your friend…trust me) just stay away from the croutons, crackers, and that crap they call “lite” dressing. It is loaded with sugar because they have to replace the fat with something to make it taste good.  If you notice, after eating a salad loaded with the “bad baby” things you will find yourself sleepy, cranky, and guess what HUNGRY really quickly.  The same thing happens when you scarf down high carbohydrate and sugary foods. You blood sugar is spiked to highest of heavens then you crash. BOOM! So what do you do? You eat another candy bar or drink another soda. In the end…unless you are a long distance runner there is no way your body can process all that extra sugar so it is stored as fat. Usually around your gut. Then you look like a walking apple. LOL …well that was me I don’t know about anyone else. But eating the way I did made me very round, very cranky, very tired.  I was a cranky, tired apple. 🙂
I am not experiencing the headaches this time around associated with low carb. I actually have all kinds of energy…I’m leaning out quickly because this diet is a natural diuretic (no need for water pills at all), so I’m always running to the nearest bathroom. 🙂 The amount of water I am drinking helps as well…so with this my skin is clearing up and my mid section is flattening out. YAY! I don’t count calories or weigh or measure. I just eat my protein, fat, and vegetables until I am full. The miracle of all of that is you get full quickly then you stay full. There is no way to binge on this diet because the protein will fill you up quickly. I have given it a good try but never succeeded…usually the result was I stayed full for the rest of the day. 🙂
My exercise is going well. I did the Advanced Get Ripped 2 DVD with weighted gloves. I added Abs and Glutes Toning. After laying on the floor impersonating a Starfish I was good. If you do decide to embark upon a low carb lifestyle please exercise. The weight will literally fall off you. The fat loss will be in the middle first then everywhere else. I was able to get into a skirt today that I was literally stuck in a couple of months ago. I was eyeing the scissors to cut myself out of (that was not a good look at all) it. The skirt is a size 5 and I believe my body was a size 13…so imagine what that was like. 🙂 Now…I have been exercising and eating clean for awhile…but it is really nice to wear this skirt again. Size 5…a real size 5 not a vanity sized one. Vanity sizes irritate me because they literally lie to you. 🙂 Yay for my new/old skirt. I’m feeling comfortable in my skin again.
Tonight will probably be Advanced Get Ripped 1 and of course Abs and Glutes. I think I will rethink the weighted gloves…my muscles need to rest. 😀 Time to chow down on some lunch…will be back my friends!

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