My Day…and I Guess I'm an Expert… :)

…so far is going well. I am still feeling the Cardio Sculpt workout from last night. It will definitely be a no weight day for me. Atkins is working as planned. I have zero appetite to the point where I forgot to eat this morning. Making it up with baked chicken and veggies for lunch.  My water intake is on point. Organs feel like they are floating around right now. AND exercise will be Advanced 2 Get Ripped. An hour of pure cardio and toning. I’m motivated and determined to get cut again. All I needed was to see a picture of myself that caused me to cringe. That did it…now the fitness model body is coming back LOL…
Now that is out of the way…had to check in to keep myself accountable. Even if no one reads this blog it helps in a big way.
Yesterday I had a knock down drag out with The Girl. Oh Lawd…the child must be blind and all of her senses (smell being one of them) are out of whack because her room was atrocious! Hoarders atrocious. It’s one thing to watch that show and feel the need to clean…it is another to actually KNOW that there is a room in your house that would qualify for an intervention of sorts. That bad, trust me. I was TRYING to give The Girl the opportunity to come to the realization her room was NOT the ideal setting to sleep or exist. Hell, the cats didn’t even want to stay in there for long periods of time. Terrible.
Anyhoo…being the tactful person that I am I informed The Girl of the Hoarder-Like state of her room. I mentioned shovels, trash bags, homelessness…you know, tactfully getting my point across that her room smelled like a litter box. THANKFULLY my 19-year-old realized that it was a better financial move on her part to just clean her room rather than moving out. I believe she is learning.. 🙂 Good for her…she gets a sugar-free cookie and an A for effort. Speaking through gritted teeth and a raised eyebrow seems to get through to my Special Child of God.
Speaking of “Special” people…I am noticing a trend here at the office with the Soldiers. They seem to forgo getting to know a person…becoming a friend or even DATING before they decide to get married. So far I have had two come to my office,  sit at my desk and lament to me about the terror of their soon to be ex-spouse.  I seem to be talking to myself when I say they are all quick to say that they are in love when they truly do not know the person. IF the total amount of time that you have been with someone (including dating, marriage, and filing for divorce) is less than a year…THAT’S BAD! If you have been married 3 or more times and you are under 25…THAT’S TERRIBLE. Is there something bad about dating. Learning the person? Becoming their friend or better yet BEST friend? Friendship, trust, and communication is needed to have a great relationship. If you don’t have that foundation first…you will ultimately have what I call a “microwave” marriage. I asked one of the Soldiers what color was his soon to be ex’s eye color…what is their zodiac sign…how about middle name…NOTHING. Wow…I always tell them to get to know their friends before they marry them. I hate when they come in and bad mouth their spouses and make them seem like evil incarnate. They aren’t evil…just a stranger that you married because you was in lust…not in love. Sigh…
I will have to ask The Girl what dating means these days. In the meantime I guess I will be filling up the temporary barracks with upset Soldiers. I don’t know when I became an expert on this…but they do come to my desk to vent. Most of them are young like my kids. I listen…and give them my opinion if they ask. I just wish one of them would actually listen to what I tell them. Sometimes us old folks know a thing or two…we have usually been there done that many times.
I have about two hours of work to go before I go and Taebo my tail off… 🙂

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