Gotta Love Smart Phones…And Other Stuff…

I love my phone and the Android OS! I am able to post from bed. Yay for smart phones. Today was a great day. I’m sticking to my low carbohydrate plan and I’m totally not hungry. Getting in my water by the gallon. The Atkins Plan is also a plan that flushes out all the extra bloat so you actually feel lighter after doing it clean for a few days. Once again Yay! My workout today was Cardio Sculpt and Abs and Glutes. Ow…but a good ow. Taebo is excellent when you use weights. Cardio Sculpt is a great workout. Especially if you are closer to 40. Using weights will add much needed muscle to burn fat faster and to avoid looking drawn up. Tomorrow will be straight cardio… need to let my muscles rest.
I’m relaxed and tired. I should sleep well tonight. Using my journal again is really helpful…plus…exercise is a must. The side effects mentally and physically is so worth at least an hour out of your day.
Later 🙂

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