:) Working my Body…

…oh and it sometimes hurts! I am not the same youngster that did this before. 🙂 Physically Fresh! I have been feeling that way for the past couple of months. I decided to go back to the blog because I didn’t want to kill my Facebook page with my exercise and eating. I’m doing Atkins still. I was kind of following it before…but with the divorce and the drama I was a little loose with my eating.  Now that things are normal again for me I have been better.
I am writing again because my journal keeps me on track. I took some pictures the other day. In my mind I was like AAIYYEE! What the heck?  But I actually LOOKED at the photos and tried to not be so critical. I am nowhere near where I was before. I still have my fitness level…I just need to step it up a smidge to get to where I like to be. That means water water water…more weights…more cardio…and clean eating. Yes…I know Low Carb is no longer the thing to do. I see myself as a fledgling diabetic. That way being low carb won’t get me the funny looks. I don’t do well with the junk foods. I’m better with protein, veggies, and fruit. I don’t see the need to look for the new diet out there because Atkins has been good to me. So has Taebo. Both have been the only thing that has worked and helped me maintain the 80 pound loss for the past 5 years. Now…I’m a little more fluffy these days…but that can be fixed. Gonna do my Jillian Michaels impersonation again. I need it…exercise does more than help you lose weight. It calms the mind. During my sessions I don’t think of anything other than getting my form correct. It also helps to look great in clothes. 🙂
So today:
As far as exercise ; Ultimate Taebo with some ab work afterwards.
Food: A beautiful steak and some veggies. More water than I probably need but no alcohol. It makes me swell. So does sugar and starches.
Since I posted it…now I must do it!
It’s good to be back…

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