Changes and Observations…IT's ABOUT TIME!

Many many changes. I am no longer a Army Wife…I just work for the Army. The divorce was finalized some time ago…I’m now in a better place to talk about it. The paperwork that was giving me so much trouble wasn’t really that bad. I guess knowing I was ending a two decade long relationship had me flipping. But…it is done. I had a hard time at first but I am so much better because of it. I never hated The Hero…I just couldn’t live with him for a minute longer. Too much had happened and believe it or not…I matured on him. The things that I could ignore became unbearable. Maybe turning 40 does something to a Gal. I’m not sure…but whatever happened caused me to become intolerable to the situation that I was in. The only thing I could think was “I’m 40 now…do I really want to do this over and over again for the next 20 years? Will I make another 20 years without stabbing this man?” Obviously the answer was a big fat NO! So here I am…single again. Probably being made out to be the “ bad guy ”  because of it. Surprisingly, I’m okay with that. Whatever makes The Hero function and continue on is okay with me.  I KNOW what I experienced and I am not patient enough to do that anymore.
So…now I’m single. 42 and single.  Yikes! Things are not the same from what I remember them. One thing that I have noticed is this…YOUNGER men tend to gravitate towards me. I mean…really young. Close to my son’s age young. I really do not have anything to talk to them about. The only thing that goes through my head is this “LOOKING FOR A MOMMY” …especially when I am older than their Mom. I just cannot bring myself to be a real Cougar. One of  the kids (I don’t see them as anything else) brought up Demi and Ashton. 🙂 That is nice…when I become one of them I will call you. IN the meantime if I can remember the year you were born then I don’t think I can date you. My son is 20 and my daughter is 19. If your age is within an acceptable dating range for them…then me going out with you is just too darn creepy. That brings me to the word “date“. It means something totally different today then it did when I was young and everything was in black and white. The time when there were tape cassettes and records. Cell phones looked like bricks and there was really no Internet. Back then a date was going out to a movie and maybe a dinner. You did something…it wasn’t hook up and then find a bed. Apparently having sex on the first date is okay. LOL…I was taught to not “give up the cookies” until at least the third date…maybe even longer. You need to know the person and become friends first. I don’t do the “sexting” thing either. I did give it the old college try but it was really sad. I literally don’t know what to say. So I end up going…”Hee hee” or “that’s nice”.  Back in the day of dinosaurs we actually talked on a phone. That was the way to communicate…or even meet each other face to face. That way we could determine if you actually liked the person. That brings me to Internet dating. I’m sorry…but…I don’t really know who you are if I just chat with you online. I could be talking to anyone. Hell…I AM Demi Moore on the Internet.   Just saying…I talked to one “guy” (not sure) for a couple of minutes and he started in on the connection that we had. Um…the only connection I had with him was I was online. I miss the days of seeing real people and actually getting to know a person.  Sigh…by the way…I HATE being referred to as HOTT. Why the extra “T”. If I see that…I have already dismissed the conversation (or text) because I’m a realist…I’m 42…too old to be called HOTT. Unless you are referring to menopause…then that is a different thing. 🙂 🙂
Lastly…I have to say this…MARRIED MEN. Okay let’s clarify something…If you are:

  1. Having problems
  2. Separated
  3. Going to file for divorce
  4. Going through a divorce (for years in one case)
  5. Haven’t seen the wife in 10 years (BULL)

YOU ARE STILL FLIPPING MARRIED. I left a man that was doing the exact same thing. I will not be a hypocrite and see your ass. I know what it feels like to be the Wife dealing with the foolishness of their husband.  It hurts. I will be damned if I am the other woman. I always tell them…get back with me when you are actually divorced. No one deserves the pain of being cheated on…I don’t care how many problems you are going through.  I tend to try to protect myself by asking…Are you single. I don’t ask that because I am looking to jump into a relationship. God knows…I don’t need to do that at this point. I just got out of a long term relationship…I ask because I don’t want to be the “one” that the late night arguments are about. I don’t want to cause any pain to anyone…Karma is a funny thing. It does come back to you.
So…I’m back and apparently have lots to say. It’s good to dump the brain. I’m getting back into fitness so now I’m gonna post some fitness things…I’m glad I remembered my password.

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