Yes.  I needed to rest my body yesterday.  I was starting to have the posture of a cooked shrimp. 🙂  Not a good look at all.  I am feeling better today so it is back on track with the program.  One of the perks of having a rest day is I can move it to suit how I am feeling.  I don’t care if I am just doing ab work tonight…there will be some moving in oxygen for me today.
I got on the scale yesterday and saw that I have a slight gain.  This is why I don’t depend on what the metal demon tells me.  I can obviously see and feel the difference from the exercising and eating right.  The scale says otherwise.  It makes no sense if you are looking at just seeing the numbers go down.  Now…unless I have the gravity of Jupiter in my bathroom or I am Wolverine’s Sister with a Adamantium bound skeleton ( I am a HUGE X-Men fan, sorry) I know for a fact that I am moving forward and I am not actually gaining fat.  I’m reading heavier because I could be retaining water or actually gaining muscle.  Since I know that muscle is denser than fat…I’m cool with having it.  I will burn more sitting around with 5 pounds of muscle on my frame instead of 5 pounds of fat.
I’m not Wolverine’s sister or have Jupiter’s gravity surrounding my body.  I am getting leaner and tighter. 🙂  No more rest this week.  Gonna move in oxygen, drink my water and limit myself to weighing only once every two weeks.  It will definitely put me in a better mood first thing in the morning…instead of hating the scale.
I haven’t been very hungry the past couple of days.  Doing the high protein/low carb eating has helped that.  I just wish people would see the way that I am eating is much healthier than a bagel. Or bread. Or refined sugars. FLOUR! All that stuff converts to sugar in your body then to fat if your aren’t active. It is death on a stick people. Trust me. I still say there is nothing unhealthy with a salad and baked chicken.  It isn’t the full fat dressing that will make me fat…it is the croutons and crackers.
Ok…been rambling long enough.  I am actually more energized today.  The rest does work.  I hope Lou and Kellie will want to exercise with me tonight. They motivate me to go on…just to show them that us older breed still got it going on. 😛
I will be back later…

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