So Confused!

Crap!  I hate when my mind refuses to wrap around something.  I have some paperwork that MUST be done this week and I just can’t understand it.  I look at it and I draw a complete blank.  If the letters on the page started to move around like ants I wouldn’t be surprised.  It is that bad for me.
I actually feel dumb right now.  It is the worst feeling in the world for me.  These papers are very important legal documents and I suspect that is why I am freezing.  I have done taxes for goodness sakes…before tax programs!  Why can’t I fill out a simple financial statement and an inventory?? 
Another long ass sigh…
I think I know why.  Because…I JUST WANT THIS DONE.  I don’t want anything else but…end, finish, done.   That is what it is…I don’t like drama.  I don’t like bringing it to me. Would rather bungee jump (well…after my Grand Canyon trip…maybe) … how about ride a evil equestrian type creature (I don’t like a horse)…that submit myself to any unpleasant shit.
But like getting stitches or ripping off a bandage it is necessary…I guess.
Still.  I feel dumb.  And I really can’t wrap my mind around any of this legal crap.  Once all this is done…I think I need a trip to Vegas or a cruise.

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