Losing Weight!

I’m baffled because I am not really trying.  It is just happening.  I think when I stepped on the scale it did something for me.  I don’t weigh as much as I thought I did…THANK GAWD!  While is was on the medications I was blowing up like a balloon.  The weight gain was unstoppable.  It makes me breathe better seeing the scale NOT go upwards but go down to where I was before I started with the anti depression madness.
I think I would like to get back into the shape I was a couple of years ago.  I loved the way I looked.  My body appreciates being lean and muscular. I am noticing that I am sore a little longer after exercising.   My arms and shoulders are sore, the ab workout I did with my Brother yesterday is making itself known as well. I guess that comes with my age.  I am definitely seeing results.  My clothes are fitting better, I look energized, and I sleep better.  OH…and my mind is clear and I am just happy.  A great feeling of well-being.  Even if I didn’t see any weight loss and toning results…I am just happy to feel GOOD.  Been awhile since I have had that particular feeling.
Someone mentioned to me that I am reinventing myself.  Nah!  Not looking to reinvent the person that I am.  I think I am fabulous…just took me a minute to realize it has always been there.  I am just improving on the fabulousness that is Robin. 🙂 
I am hoping my Brother and I can do another workout together.  he keeps me going…he is and always will be “athlete!” LOL…if he reads this he will know what I am talking about..,something my Daddy always said.
So, yeah, I’m leaning up.  I’m loving it.  I refused to start off my new chapter of my life and my 42nd birthday fat, depressed, and drunk.  The Inner Drag Queen in my wont allow it. ;P

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