Ow. Ow. Ow.
I did an intense abdominal workout along with upper body toning last night.  My abs feel like I have a little guy in there poking at me with a knife.  I havent felt that in a long time, it still sucks, but I know that I am doing the exercises right.  My shoulder is killing me.  Not only did I do weights and side raises…I decided that it would be a good idea to scald my shoulder and back with some water that I swear was piped in from the depths of Hell. I swear I saw a Demon in the bathroom saying…”DAMN that’s HOT!” I don’t know if it is the burn that got me or soreness or both.  Still…it sucks.  So…ow.
Now that I have the bitching out of the way…I plan on going by my Brother Lou to do some sculpting and some abs after I get off work.  I can feel my body tightening up due to the program I am following.  I have also given up drinking during the week.  I do know that alcohol affects your workout the next day and in my case make me bloated.  So the last thing I need to tweak is getting the food under control. 
Food isn’t an issue for me these days since I have pretty much lost my appetite…still..a higher protein/lower carb diet is optimal for me if I want the maximum amount of weight lost and muscle gained.
Ok…weight loss and exercise post done.
My goal is to lose 22 pounds for the 22 years I have been asleep…more on that in another post.
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