"I Know You will Have No Problem…"

“…finding a man again!  You are just so pretty!”
I really cannot stand when people tell me that.  Really?  I’m ending a 20 year marriage just because I want to find another man?  No.  I kind of like being single these days.  I absolutely LOVE this comment as well:
“You will have no problem remarrying!”
Once again…do I have a sign on me that says I am on the hunt to get married again?  I just checked myself and I don’t see it.  There are no immediate plans for me to remarry…at all.  Once again…that old nugget…I am just getting out of a 23 year total relationship with someone.  How about I just get to know myself and have a good time?
Just a thought…sounds like a winner to me.
The final one:
“I’m so sorry.”
Thanks…but don’t be sorry because I’m becoming happier.  Because trust me…I am NOT sorry in the least bit.  I’m deliriously happy… 🙂
 Feel sorry for if I would have continued staying in that messed up relationship. Be HAPPY for me because I finally realized my worth!
End of my mini rant.

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