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Yes.  I needed to rest my body yesterday.  I was starting to have the posture of a cooked shrimp. 🙂  Not a good look at all.  I am feeling better today so it is back on track with the program.  One of the perks of having a rest day is I can move it to suit how I am feeling.  I don’t care if I am just doing ab work tonight…there will be some moving in oxygen for me today.
I got on the scale yesterday and saw that I have a slight gain.  This is why I don’t depend on what the metal demon tells me.  I can obviously see and feel the difference from the exercising and eating right.  The scale says otherwise.  It makes no sense if you are looking at just seeing the numbers go down.  Now…unless I have the gravity of Jupiter in my bathroom or I am Wolverine’s Sister with a Adamantium bound skeleton ( I am a HUGE X-Men fan, sorry) I know for a fact that I am moving forward and I am not actually gaining fat.  I’m reading heavier because I could be retaining water or actually gaining muscle.  Since I know that muscle is denser than fat…I’m cool with having it.  I will burn more sitting around with 5 pounds of muscle on my frame instead of 5 pounds of fat.
I’m not Wolverine’s sister or have Jupiter’s gravity surrounding my body.  I am getting leaner and tighter. 🙂  No more rest this week.  Gonna move in oxygen, drink my water and limit myself to weighing only once every two weeks.  It will definitely put me in a better mood first thing in the morning…instead of hating the scale.
I haven’t been very hungry the past couple of days.  Doing the high protein/low carb eating has helped that.  I just wish people would see the way that I am eating is much healthier than a bagel. Or bread. Or refined sugars. FLOUR! All that stuff converts to sugar in your body then to fat if your aren’t active. It is death on a stick people. Trust me. I still say there is nothing unhealthy with a salad and baked chicken.  It isn’t the full fat dressing that will make me fat…it is the croutons and crackers.
Ok…been rambling long enough.  I am actually more energized today.  The rest does work.  I hope Lou and Kellie will want to exercise with me tonight. They motivate me to go on…just to show them that us older breed still got it going on. 😛
I will be back later…

So Confused!

Crap!  I hate when my mind refuses to wrap around something.  I have some paperwork that MUST be done this week and I just can’t understand it.  I look at it and I draw a complete blank.  If the letters on the page started to move around like ants I wouldn’t be surprised.  It is that bad for me.
I actually feel dumb right now.  It is the worst feeling in the world for me.  These papers are very important legal documents and I suspect that is why I am freezing.  I have done taxes for goodness sakes…before tax programs!  Why can’t I fill out a simple financial statement and an inventory?? 
Another long ass sigh…
I think I know why.  Because…I JUST WANT THIS DONE.  I don’t want anything else but…end, finish, done.   That is what it is…I don’t like drama.  I don’t like bringing it to me. Would rather bungee jump (well…after my Grand Canyon trip…maybe) … how about ride a evil equestrian type creature (I don’t like a horse)…that submit myself to any unpleasant shit.
But like getting stitches or ripping off a bandage it is necessary…I guess.
Still.  I feel dumb.  And I really can’t wrap my mind around any of this legal crap.  Once all this is done…I think I need a trip to Vegas or a cruise.

Chinese Chicken Wraps (No Carbs)

I have been wanting to do something different with chicken since I purchased a big bag of it the other day.  There is only so may times I can bake or broil it to my taste.  I have a low carb fried chicken recipe that I like…but once again…meh!  I found this on the TresSugar site.  I absolutely love lettuce wraps!  I alays wonder about the sugar contenet though so I rarely eat them.  I havent tried this recipe out yet…but i will be doing that tonight.  I think this would be a great meal for my Daddy as well.  Good thing Momma likes to cook and try new things.  No this says NO CARBS but I suspect there are a couple in there.  If you are following a low carb plan but work out like I do it shouldn’t stall you at all.
Chinese Chicken Wraps (No Carbs) from TresSugar (the original article is here with pictures)

2 cups fresh shitake mushrooms
1 1/2 lbs thin cut chicken breasts (or tenders)
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 dash of course salt and course black pepper
3 garlic cloves chopped
1 inch piece of ginger (finely chopped)
zest of one orange
1/2 red bell pepper (diced small)
1 can of water chestnuts chopped
3 scallions chopped
3 tbsp hoisin sauce
1/2 head of iceberg lettuce (quarter into wedges)
1 head of Boston bibb lettuce (separate leaves)
Slice the mushroom and chop the chicken into small pieces. Preheat a large skillet to high and add oil to the pan. Add the chicken to the pan and sear the meat by stir frying for one to two minutes. Season with dashes of salt and pepper. Next add the garlic and the ginger. Cook for 1 minute.
Grate the orange zest into the pan (keep the orange). Add the chopped bell pepper, water chestnuts and scallions. Cook for one minute. Add the hoisin sauce and toss to coat the mixture evenly. Transfer the hot chopped chicken to a platter and pile the wedges of iceberg lettuce along side. After you zest the orange, cut it and add it to the platter as garnish.
Pile the chicken mixture into the Boston bibb lettuce leaves, fold and eat.

Why must some people be so goddamned hateful?  I just don’t understand it at all.  I treat people the same way that I want to be treated.  I think I’m nice.  So I’m nice to others.  I think anyway.  I guess some folks see a person that is kind as a doormat.  Walk all over them.  Use them for whatever is in their agenda and then toss them aside. 
I’m to the point where I will just become a big ol bitch.  Then maybe people will act differently.  I was told once by someone that I am the nicest person that they have ever met.  If that is true then I am sick to death of being “nice”.  Time for me to embrace the bitch that is screaming and clawing to get to the  surface.  This nice person crap is for the birds.  It doesn’t seem to get me anywhere.  And it is exhausting.   I have a finite exisitance on this World…maybe I should adopt the same selfish attitude that most people have these days.
I have a headache.
/rant 🙁

Losing Weight!

I’m baffled because I am not really trying.  It is just happening.  I think when I stepped on the scale it did something for me.  I don’t weigh as much as I thought I did…THANK GAWD!  While is was on the medications I was blowing up like a balloon.  The weight gain was unstoppable.  It makes me breathe better seeing the scale NOT go upwards but go down to where I was before I started with the anti depression madness.
I think I would like to get back into the shape I was a couple of years ago.  I loved the way I looked.  My body appreciates being lean and muscular. I am noticing that I am sore a little longer after exercising.   My arms and shoulders are sore, the ab workout I did with my Brother yesterday is making itself known as well. I guess that comes with my age.  I am definitely seeing results.  My clothes are fitting better, I look energized, and I sleep better.  OH…and my mind is clear and I am just happy.  A great feeling of well-being.  Even if I didn’t see any weight loss and toning results…I am just happy to feel GOOD.  Been awhile since I have had that particular feeling.
Someone mentioned to me that I am reinventing myself.  Nah!  Not looking to reinvent the person that I am.  I think I am fabulous…just took me a minute to realize it has always been there.  I am just improving on the fabulousness that is Robin. 🙂 
I am hoping my Brother and I can do another workout together.  he keeps me going…he is and always will be “athlete!” LOL…if he reads this he will know what I am talking about..,something my Daddy always said.
So, yeah, I’m leaning up.  I’m loving it.  I refused to start off my new chapter of my life and my 42nd birthday fat, depressed, and drunk.  The Inner Drag Queen in my wont allow it. ;P

"I Know You will Have No Problem…"

“…finding a man again!  You are just so pretty!”
I really cannot stand when people tell me that.  Really?  I’m ending a 20 year marriage just because I want to find another man?  No.  I kind of like being single these days.  I absolutely LOVE this comment as well:
“You will have no problem remarrying!”
Once again…do I have a sign on me that says I am on the hunt to get married again?  I just checked myself and I don’t see it.  There are no immediate plans for me to remarry…at all.  Once again…that old nugget…I am just getting out of a 23 year total relationship with someone.  How about I just get to know myself and have a good time?
Just a thought…sounds like a winner to me.
The final one:
“I’m so sorry.”
Thanks…but don’t be sorry because I’m becoming happier.  Because trust me…I am NOT sorry in the least bit.  I’m deliriously happy… 🙂
 Feel sorry for if I would have continued staying in that messed up relationship. Be HAPPY for me because I finally realized my worth!
End of my mini rant.


Ow. Ow. Ow.
I did an intense abdominal workout along with upper body toning last night.  My abs feel like I have a little guy in there poking at me with a knife.  I havent felt that in a long time, it still sucks, but I know that I am doing the exercises right.  My shoulder is killing me.  Not only did I do weights and side raises…I decided that it would be a good idea to scald my shoulder and back with some water that I swear was piped in from the depths of Hell. I swear I saw a Demon in the bathroom saying…”DAMN that’s HOT!” I don’t know if it is the burn that got me or soreness or both.  Still…it sucks.  So…ow.
Now that I have the bitching out of the way…I plan on going by my Brother Lou to do some sculpting and some abs after I get off work.  I can feel my body tightening up due to the program I am following.  I have also given up drinking during the week.  I do know that alcohol affects your workout the next day and in my case make me bloated.  So the last thing I need to tweak is getting the food under control. 
Food isn’t an issue for me these days since I have pretty much lost my appetite…still..a higher protein/lower carb diet is optimal for me if I want the maximum amount of weight lost and muscle gained.
Ok…weight loss and exercise post done.
My goal is to lose 22 pounds for the 22 years I have been asleep…more on that in another post.



The only cat in the world that doesn’t like catnip. She literally refused to use the new scratch pad. Apparently catnip upsets her delicate nature. Sigh.

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