…the last time I checked I am a 41-year-old woman.  I have been doing my damned job since 2002.  I am QUITE capable of making decisions and moving on them.  Don’t question me or run to the Boss AFTER I have discussed what I have done and why I have done it.
Do not text (those fecking text messages…GRR!) my coworkers talking shit about me.  That pisses me off to all the highest levels.  I cannot STAND this person that I am working with…he is a selfish asshole who does nothing all day.  When I spoke to him and the Boss about the situation it is clear to me that this Dickhead can do no wrong. 
I told the Boss that I am upset because he is talking about me to the coworkers…
Do you know that this Boss tells me that I shouldnt be upset because I did the wrong thing?  This man is talking shit about me to my other coworkers (texting them!) and I cannot be upset??
Jesus…I need another job.

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