Busy Busy…

I havent disappeared like I have done in the past…I have just been swamped with work.  ‘Tis the season for Redeployments…Fa La La La La,,,La La La La!
I have also started my new second job this week.  It seems to be okay.  I have gotten some training that I know will help me here at my main job.
So I’m still here…so TRYING to kickstart my fitness routine.  I am patiently waiting for my new Zumba DVDs to make its way to my door.  I swear they are using the Pony Express to ship the workouts.  AND…of course I discover that Billy has a new workout system available.  Billy Blanks PT 24/7…and it has gadgets!  Gloves with bands that attach to your shoes and to the actual gloves.  I am SO tempted to get the brand new Billy…but I MUST remain patient and at least give Zumba a try. 
IT IS NEW BILLY!  I am finding myself going to the website and watching the infomercial over and over again.  Bad bad sign for Robin.  🙂  I did scoop up the Insane Abs DVD from Bill.  I do know that his Ab workouts are killer so I will be trying that later tonight…
PT 24/7…PT 24/7…I seriously have a problem.  I wonder if there is an Intervention for Taebo Junkies??



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