So I didn't …(eh…maybe I did)

…order the Zumba…and I guess I said NO. I really do want to get this program but I know me. The ONLY time I am able to do those Latin dances is when I have a Bacardi and Diet Coke in my hand. It is very different doing the moves in the clubs as opposed to doing them in my living room hating the woman on the television.
So…no Zumba right now.
***Well…Damn.  I ended up watching the Youtube video again and I ended up buying the program!  My weekends and nights arent exactly exciting…so why not do Zumba and act like I’m in the club.
I SERIOUSLY have a problem.  Now that I bought it…I’m definitely gonna use it.  The music BETTER be good. That is all I have to say.***

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