They are sad places. I’m waiting for my daughter and I’m crying. Watching all these people say goodbye is triggering something inside me.

Really sad.

On the lighter side…I got so confused by Sky Harbor’s signs I arrived and departed the airport 3 times. Good thing my child’s plane was delayed 1 hour 45 minutes.

Now…waiting for the Girl. I’m watching a tacky woman in a short sweater…thigh high boots…and LEGGINGS (according to Lauren they are not pants…I agree) strut back and forth in front of me. I’m about to throw a dollar at her…leggings are not pants for anyone. 🙂  There is a woman sitting next to me sobbing while her husband is staring at this hooker.  Its unreal!

At least I’m not crying anymore…thanks Hooker! 🙂

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