I figured out how to upgrade my Flickr account.  I now have a place to put all these darn pictures.  I have uploaded some today…I got tired of looking at the same old pictures.
I had a Girlfriend come by and visit the apartment today.  She was my first guest that was over the age of 20.  Felt good to know I have friends…My 18 year old is visiting her Father in Florida.  It is so peaceful here. I don’t understand her breed these days.  The child doesn’t want to go to school…yet she isn’t making any moves to get a job.  Staying up all night and sleeping throughout the day does not make good prospects for a job.  I am giving her 30 days to do something.  The child wants a 300.00 tattoo and a 2700.00 camera…must be nice.  She needs a 3000.00 job.  Of my two children…my daughter is the one that needs to join the military.  She wants to be free…she wants to see the world…she wants money quick.  I am not in the position to have a child that makes grown up declarations on a daily basis stay here and not do anything.  Really.  I wish I knew what fairy is buzzing around here dropping money in these kids laps…because that heifer needs to visit me!  I’m broke as the 10 commandments on the daily.
I am once again doing the low carb thing.  Making some low carb macaroni and cheese tonight with some turkey wings.  I would love to lose about 15 more pounds.  The medications put a lot of weight on me and I am just not comfortable in my skin.My sister in law, Kellie, has a bet going on with her sister Krissy.  I asked to be part of it but they see me as the weight loss terminator.  It is true that once I decide to drop the weight the buckle down and do it…but these days I have been lazy.  Due to my marital situation and the lack of medications I do drink one or two on a daily basis.  That doesn’t make a functioning alcoholic…but it does relax me a great deal.  The other choice I have is to get on meds that have life threatening rashes as a side effect.  Another one was resistance to alcohol and gambling…they ALL cause massive weight gain.  Do not let a doctor con you and tell you…well the pills have no calories.  They have something in them.  I gained 45 pounds in a month on the last crap…and it also made me want to drive into on coming traffic.  I don’t see how that was supposed to help me in any way.  I would rather have crying spells…
I’m off to cook.  It feels good to be back.  I removed myself from Facebook.  It just wasnt for me since I tend to have tons to say…

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