41 here…

NOT 21. I have discovered that as soon as the words DIVORCE passes the lips the young men come a running. I don’t want to think of myself as being in the Cougar ranks…but this kid is 31. C’mon now! If I can remember the year you were born with clarity then maybe I am a wee bit too old for you. Since the separation I have been good…I just talk to people to pass the time. There have been one or two men closer to my age that I have been interested in…but knowing life like I know it and I know it well…a 40 year old single man with two baby mothers and never ever had the inkling to be in a serious relationship is literally jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire for me. So yeah…I know these things.
But…here I am side tracking again…back to the C’MON NOW moment I am having…
This kid is 31.  There is nothing that he can remotely do for me.  If anything…he will probably try to get with me and live off me.  Talk about jumping into fires here.  If I have NEVER answered a text from you that simply says “sexy.” That is a hint.  Please do not do that anymore.  Not too bright is he?  I answer…”Hi.” “Hello.””How are you?” I do not answer or entertain “sexy.” I absolutely hate that.  Don’t constantly tell me how pretty I am.  Don’t want to know if I’m sexy because that is confidence at my age…not trying to be sexy, it is a state of being.  I’m so done with that bull…learn who I am because looks do go away.  I am not a star where I can afford to do overhauls on my body and face…once it goes there is nothing that I can do about that.
UGH…I FECKING HATE THAT! I wonder how many times I’m going to get that one word text before he finally addresses me like he has some sense and not like a caveman?

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