I Wanna Taebo T-Shirt Pt. 2!!

I still wanna a Taebo T-Shirt just like all those sweaty cool looking peeps on the Live VHS TAPES are wearing.  I kind of remember how to cut the shirts…but it was 11 years ago.  Wow…you see what I looked like just doing Taebo…this old Cougar can do that again.  Three years is not 30 years…I’m still cute! 😀 
Yesterday was Advanced Live 5 again for me and Kellie.  We did the workout without Lou (no the Team isn’t breaking up…he had class) since it is mostly floor and toning.  My Brother prefers more cardio.  My butt was kicked…I’m feeling this workout in my shoulders.  Today will be Advanced Live 7 with the whole Team.  There is a small amount of  floor work but Im sure Lou will be able to handle it. 
I am sticking to the diet as planned…I am CRAVING though.  The only thing that is keeping me from eating off plan is when I got on the scale I saw another drop in my weight this morning.   This happens all the time with low carb diets.  Depending on how much you have in your system…your weight will drop accordingly.  It also has a diuretic effect when you first start…so I am also keeping that in mind… 
😀 😀
I know that the weight loss will slow tremendously…I just want to get back into the 150’s as quickly as possible.  Or maybe…get OUT of the 160’s as quickly as possible??  Anyhoo…what I want to see by the end of May is my weight starting with a 1 and a 5…then I will go from there with weights and toning.  Right now…Lou, Kel, and I are concentrating on burning fat and bringing sexy back.
I am following Atkins (if you wanna know why…look at the picture in the previous post…Atkins/Taebo)
Louis and Kellie are just eating healthier (more baked and broiled stuff…salads) they will still see results just not as fast as I was seeing them.
Just talked to Kellie…it is on and we cooking with gas!  I will be doing the workout this evening…
I still want a Taebo T-Shirt…wanna be one of the cool kids… 🙁  I will figure it out.

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