…okay.  I did say I wouldn’t get on the scale again until next week.  Since I have started exercising with Classic Taebo Live and eating clean…I have broken 170’s.  I know this is just water weight…but I am so motivated to continue on.  I love the instant results that I see when I first start low carbing.
Well. not outstanding when you have come from a low of 141…but outstanding to get out of the 170’s.  That was really bothering me.  I stopped at Burger King and got a large diet coke that will last me all day.  I was eyeing the new breakfast bowls…of course there are potatoes involved.  Why do people insist that a potato or a bread need to be involved with a breakfast?  I opted for the enormous omelet sandwich and did my special way of eating things in sandwich form.  I am glad the people I work with know that I am a bit quirky…I opened that bad boy up and ate the meat and eggs.  Threw away perfectly good bread in the guys eyes. 😀
I am at work…I will be back later to report lunch (I am having a craving for a big old salad) and to log in my workout with Kellie…

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